Tuesday, June 19, 2012

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 mini-concert & showcase - Jun 29 (updated)

뉴 앨범을 기념하여 한국에서 최초의 단독 콘서트 방식으로 진행을 합니다.

In commemoration of the release of his new 2nd album, he will hold a commemoration concert in Seoul. It will be in the format of a mini-concert, so it is his first mini-concert in Korea.


*Hi-5 event

*new songs from 2nd album to be sung and new videos to be revealed

*talks and presents to be given

*opportunities for 2-shot bromides too

Date: June 29 (Friday), 8:00PM

Where: AX Hall Korea

http://entame.knt.co.jp/khj20120628/, Kim Hyung Jun Japan Official Homepage

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