Monday, June 11, 2012

현중 :: [기사] Jun 11 - 생일 날엔 스쿠버 다이브 했음 / 8년 후에 결혼을 할 계획 (went scuba diving on birthday, consider marriage 8 years later)

On his birthday, he went scuba diving. It is interesting way of celebrating. ^_^

Shanghai Fanmeeting, 06.09


eng: As fans probed him on questions about marriage, he did not avoid as he responded that he will only consider marriage 8 years later, "I used to want to get married at 30 years old, but since there isn't long left before 30 years old, I wanna try my best for my singing and acting career first before considering marriage".


eng: He also disclosed that he went to scuba diving in Korea on his birthday to celebrate as he laughed, "I went 15m deep down the sea, and discovered so many rare species of fishes. Fishing is useless at all, next time I might as well just get down into the water to fish all the fishes. But if I were to give them all to China fans, I'm afraid all these fishes will become extinct".


eng: He also mentioned since his career just started and that he isn't really matured yet, he feels that he will have to delay his old plans of getting married at 30 years old to about 8 years later, and jokingly said he does not reject the possibility of possibly getting married with a fan.


eng: Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong also made a pact with his fans, "I must come here again next year, because I know there are so many people waiting for me here, how can I not come? I must replace the fanmeeting with a full concert!".

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