Thursday, June 07, 2012

MCountdown : Global Fan Voting (5%) (vote Fri~Mon)

*latest updated: Mar 2013

Once again, it's Friday of the week again and it's time to vote on MCountdown since voting is not a choice, but a must in order to situate that 5% of the overall results.

BTW, please understand that voting on Mnet Global AND Mnet Korea AND Mnet Japan are collated for tabulation. Chart results refreshed every 30 mins.

Remember, you gotta become member of Mnet Jp and Mnet Korea first before you could vote.

(Mar 2013 Update: system outlook may have changed, but general procedures remains the same)

You could vote once per day; voting everyday is possible too.
FYI, voting as a regular member (with Twitter/Facebook) counts, too...

From: every Friday 11AM ~ Monday 9AM

Mnet Korea 

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