Friday, June 01, 2012

규종 :: Jun 1, self-penned letter (자필 편지)

He may have had delayed the acception from half a year ago, and if he had accepted, it is his noble and responsible decision, and it is only right we give him the respect of decision that he should deserve. Making such a decision requires so much courage to ponder through, to plan for, to face up to, to announce.

It is so brave of him. Noble, courageous, responsible, manly.
Not just for his own sake, but also for people around him who loves him.

2012.06.01 (Friday), AM 1:00+


To: ThanKYU ♡ TripleS~

Hello! ^^ Kyujong here~
Though I've always been saying this but time's really fast isn't it?! It's like only yesterday that we debuted.. and it's already 2012 June in blink of eye ne~
Have you all been faithfully executing your plans as you had planned?! It's still not too late~ Think through again~ of the things you had planned for! Fighting! ^^
The reason for my writing a letter here and picking up the pen again after so long is because~ of the fact.. that I am entering military in July ^^
I wanted to be the direct party to let know of this to all you pretties~ ♡
Indulging in all you pretties' support and love all this while ^^ spun lovely memories that made me truly feel happiness~ Thanks to all you pretties, I've been spending a very enjoyable and happiness filled 20s of my life!~
As I always been saying, I want to repay as much as I've been receiving~!^^
In future too, I only wanna deliver beautiful memories as a present to all you pretties like always~! 2 years later! With a more improved me~ We shall make a promise to meet one another again at then~^^ Must! Must! Must! ^^
June 3 that's gonna be spent with pretties~ makin' me anticipating!
See you on that day~ Let's weave a smile-filled memory ^^
As had always been! Just like how our times spent together from past till now have had been left as beautiful memories~
We shall spin such beautiful memories in the future too ^^ Thank you..^^
So blessed.. ♡

-The Best SS501 J.Dream-
P.S: My handwriting is not so nice..! Please understand~^^ -kyu-~


To: ThanKYU TripleS~

안녕하세요!^^ 규종이예요~
항상 하는 말이지만 시간 참 빠르죠?! 데뷔한지 엊그제 같은데.. 벌써 2012년 6월이네요~
다들 계획한 일은 잘 하고 계시나요?! 아직 늦거 않았으니~ 계획했던 일들!
다시 한번 생각하면서~ 화이팅!^^
이렇게 오랜만에 편지를 쓰려고 펜을 든 이유는~ 제가 7월달에 입대하기로 하여서 입니다^^
직접 제가 이쁜이들에게 알려주고 싶었어요~♡
항상 많은 응원과 이쁜이들의 사랑속에 ^^ 좋은 추억만 가득해서 정말 행복해요~ 이쁜이들 덕에 저는 즐겁고 행복만 20대를 보내고 있답니다!~

늘 말했든 받은만큼 돌려주고 싶은데~!^^
앞으로도 항상 이쁜이들에게 예쁜 추억만 선물해주고 싶어요~!
2년 뒤에!
더 좋은 모습으로~ 우리 꼭 만나기로 약속해요~^^ 꼭! 꼭! 꼭!^^
6월 3일에 이쁜이들과 함께하는 시간~ 기대됩니다!
그 날 만나요~ 웃음가득한 시간 추억으로 남겨요 ^^
늘 그랬듯! 지금까지의 우리 시간이 예쁜 추억으로 남은것처럼~
앞으로도 예쁜 추억 만들어요^^ 고마워..^^
행복해요.. ♡

-The Best SS501 J.Dream-
P.S: 제가 글송씨가 부족해요..! 많은 이해 부탁드려요~^^ -kyu-~

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