Tuesday, May 29, 2012

영생 :: 1st Japanese full album in August, 1st Solo Concert in September

마지막 멤버인 영생님도 드디어 일본으로 진출할 겁니다. 역시 좋은 소식이네요.

Last member Young-saeng will now also invade into the Japan markets. This is so great news, because he definitely can do it.

August is a great month! Hyung-jun will release his 2nd album (Japanese) too, and it is also the start of his 【2nd STORY in JAPAN】.

August : 1st Japanese Full Album (~10 songs. amongst which, 2~3 songs will be his previously sung solo songs re-recorded into Japanese, while the other 7~8 songs will be new songs with a diversified genre)

September : 1st Solo Concert (in Japan). It will be a stage with music and interactives where everybody can enjoy and have fun together. There will also be live bands participating. (Rock Saeng)

News source: No Cut News, http://www.nocutnews.co.kr/Show.asp?IDX=2155249/


Anonymous said...

His 1st Solo Concert will be held in Korea? Not in Japan? Or both? xD
I saw a news saying concert in japan o.o

Thankyu for your work ♥ Really appreciate it :)

ode said...

to anonymous:

You are right. It should be in Japan, because he specifically disclosed about his intention of 'making up' to Japanese fans.

Thank you to you too! ^^