Friday, May 11, 2012

영생 :: 2nd mini album 【SOLO】 - information

Below is the information for 2nd mini album【SOLO】.

Title track : 「크라잉(CRYING)」
Work by : Steven Lee (producer), Heo Young Saeng (lyricist)
What is it: medium pop R&B with an urbanized melody
Talks about: a male who silently hopes for his girlfriend to return after breakup

What did Y.S do:
Planning ; Setting ; Concept idea ; Producing ; Recording, etc, and all other necessary album works.
He is the co-producer in this album.

Source of reference:!/b2ment/status/200760044059496448 (B2M Entertainment) (한국경제, Korea Economy)

Article(s) URL link: (한국경제, Korea Economy) (뉴시스, Newsis) (Sports World)

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