Wednesday, May 02, 2012

현중 :: next drama 『도시정벌(City Conquest)』 is confirmed (May.2, Wed)

게재된 기사들에 따르면 차기작인『도시정벌』이 확정 지었습니다.
너무 설레하고 기대한다!!!

According to published articles today at late evening, next work is confirmed as『City Conquest』. It will be such a different character! So exciting.!!

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Character: 백미르/Baek Mi-reu (Baek Mir)

Synopsis: A manly character who looks cold and aloof on the exterior, but who actually is so delicate and fragile inside him. He has a father who had abandoned him and his mother since young. He takes revenge against the society. He who has had undergone all sorts of hardships is actually weak in front of love.

Drama PD/Director: Yang Yoon-ho ('Fighter in the Wind', 'Holiday')

Drama ScriptWriter: Hwang Joo-ha ('Lie To Me', 'Spotlight')

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소속사 '키이스트' 측은 "남성미가 매력적인 캐릭터를 맡아 180도 연기 변신을 보여드리겠다"

english: Agency KeyEast personnel has disclosed, "This will be a charismatic character overflowing with musculine charm, you will be sure to see him with a 180-degree transformation in acting".

현재 그는 캐릭터 준비에 몰두 중이다. 김현중은 "국내외 팬들이 브라운관 컴백을 기다려주신만큼 더욱 발전된 모습을 보여드리려 한다"며 "새로운 모습으로 인사드릴테니 많은 기대 부탁한다"고 당부했다.

english: Right now, he is in deep preparation for the character. Kim Hyun-joong expressed, "As much as my domestic and international fans have awaited for my TV screen comeback, I will thus be displaying forth a much more developed profile of mine. I will greet with a brand new image, so please anticipate lotsa", as he said.

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