Monday, May 28, 2012

형준 :: Kim Hyung Jun 2012 2nd STORY in JAPAN ~Zepp TOUR~ (edited)

3월 말~4월 초의 1st STORY in JAPAN을 무사히 마쳤는 후에 2nd STORY in JAPAN도 곧 시작을 한다고 하네요.
8월에 새로운 일본 미니앨범과 한국 앨범도 발표할 예정이니 많이 기대하셔도 좋을 것 같아요~ 8월이 또 한 즐거운 달이 되겠군. ^_^

8.3~8.25동안 총 : 9회

After 1st STORY in JAPAN in March~April this year, 4 months later (August), 2nd STORY in JAPAN will kick off again! It begins on the day of his birth-day (August 3, Fri), so that is even more significant!

In addition, his 2nd new (mini) album (Korean/Japanese) will release in July/August too. ^_^

In total from Aug.3~Aug.25 : 9 sessions/9 plays

01# Aug 3 (Fri), PM 6:30
Where: Zepp TOKYO

02# Aug 4 (Sat), PM 2:00 (Day-session)
Where: Zepp TOKYO

03# Aug 4 (Sat), PM 6:00 (Night-session)
Where: Zepp TOKYO

04# Aug 11 (Sat), PM 5:00
Where: Zepp FUKUOKA

05# Aug 12 (Sun), PM 2:00 (Day-session)
Where: Zepp OSAKA

06# Aug 12 (Sun), PM 6:00 (Night-session)
Where: Zepp OSAKA

07# Aug 19 (Sun), PM 2:00 (Day-session)
Where: Zepp NAGOYA

08# Aug 19 (Sun), PM 6:00 (Night-session)
Where: Zepp NAGOYA

09# Aug 25 (Sat), PM 6:00
Where: Zepp SAPPORO

Content: New songs from new album, live songs, interactives, etc

Source: Kim Hyung Jun Japan Official Homepage,

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