Saturday, May 12, 2012

영생 :: 2nd mini album 【SOLO】 - self buy (online) / bulk purchase

For 2nd mini album,
for Foreigners who want to purchase it online, you can buy at Synnara(신나라) e-shop, and, Kyobo Bookstore(교보).
These are the 2 best and most reliable places that should be bought from.

You can also do in-bulk purchase with fan-sites.

Self-Buy (online)

신나라(Synnara) e-shop |

How-to buy |

교보(KyoBo) |

How to buy |

공동 구매 (In-bulk Purchase with Fansites) (will be updated)

(-) (KR) Best Friend (joint with Japan, Taiwan, China) |

(-) (KR) 열애(Ardent Lover) |

(-) (KR) 그아이(KeuAi) |

(-) (TH) Heo Young Saeng My Style Thailand |

(-) (CH) Heo Young Saeng Baidu China (joint with 그아이(KeuAi) |

(-) (PH) TripleS Philippines |


Anonymous said...

The Philippines will also be doing bulk-buying of Heo Young Saeng's "SOLO." Please ADD this link to your list for bulk buying. Thank you.

ode said...

to Anonymous,

Yes, thank you so much. ^^
It is added.