Sunday, July 11, 2010

Royal Avenue has a SINA Weibo

Royal avenue and kim gamsa now has a china sina blog! ^+^

It is a special gift prepared for Chinese speaking fans so as to reach out better to customers.

This SINA blog is a mandarin-operated Twitter.
Works like Twitter exactly but mandarin-operated.
Before you could view, you have gotta sign up as a member.

Royal Avenue SINA blog :::

Kim Gamsa SINA blog :::

the Mandarin statement could be found from here :

大家好~ 以下是专门为中文地区的fans准备的联络礼物^^
Hello everyone~ The following is a specially planned gift for chinese speaking fans^^

金监事和Royal Avenue也开中国语的新浪围脖了!
Kim Gamsa and Royal Avenue has opened a SINA weibo too!

从我们的围脖,你可以看到Royal Avenue、朴代表还有金监事的日常消息:))))
From our SINA weibo, you can see Royal Avenue and CEO Park, as well as Kim Gamsa's daily lives :))))

Hurry up come to follow us~~^^

p.s: Mandarin speaking service is in midst of preparation and will be meeting you guys soon! Please keep anticipating nyo~

from:, July 3rd 21:48

da jia hao! (hello in mandarin) i'm Park CEO~ so difficult T T
i'm gonna learn more chinese... Thank u~~
Wo ai ni men!! (I love you all in mandarin)
This is CEO Park~ Very difficult~ Gotta learn more mandarin~
Thank you, wo ai ni men (I love you all in mandarin)~~

Park Daepyo nim! Your chinese has huge leap of improvement!
Mandarin isnt that tough, it always begins like this.^-^