Wednesday, July 07, 2010

HJ's 1st love story info

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Question by fan: Hello...^^ I'm here to ask a question because of some queries I have about HyunJoong's upcoming pictorial book. Could the pictorial book actually possibly consist of shots that Hyun Joong shot in Spain in the past April? Because when I made an order for it, there wasn't any thing written about Spain, what I learnt about was that it is going to be totally new stuff inclusive... If, just if, the pictorial consists of the pictorials shot in Spain..Will that pictorial book be released by new agency company? Or perhaps, the former agency company...I'd like to know about that.... Many people are confused about that and unclear... Would like to know of a more concise answer please.

Answer returned: Hi, this is Keyeast's webmaster. Here's expressing my deep gratitude for your concern shown towards Kim Hyun Joong. I will reply you here. This Japanese pictorial book and DVD release information has been decided for before Kim Hyun Joong signed on with us, and because of that, we thus don't have any official rights to that. Right now, we are trying to figure out for more concise details, after concise details are out, we will make an official notice. We ask for your understanding.

Which just means to say in short that, the KHJ 1st Love Story DVD was decided for before his recruitment into Keyeast. If you'd suppose 'll be his official japanese website, from this now, it'd seem that would thus turn out to be that temporary webpg of his to carry out japan activities. It isn't an official site, it's a promotional site.
Just in case you may be wondering why were the photos 'leaked' as seen in the promo video for Philipine Manila's 19 Jun concert, the one where HyunJoong in dark blue tuxedo etc, when it hasn't been released as on the japanese promo site, that's because its rights belong to Keyeast, which was why they are able to release it right then.

edit July 7
Some fans made phone calls to DSP/Keyeast, and now it's said by DSP that they do not have anything to do with this photobook. Instead, it is Keyeast who knows about this before his contract with them but isn't held by them. For the sake of not causing any more misunderstandings, it is acclaimed to be 'their' event. Actually, it's a personal event HJ has.
edit July 7

There will be official notice in awhile more, so as to clear misunderstandings that some may/might have.

Hyunjoong's 1st Love story DVD details were recorded already.