Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project Idol msg book

from: (thanks missS)

Did you want to tell them something? once more? once again? one more time?
No, no more dreams. No, no more aches.

It's time for Inception.

"Fans who wants to send their messages to SS501 (everyone in the world can participates), you have to email your:

-real name
-a picture of their country flag/postcard (place in your country)
-a picture of yourselves

message contents has to be a:

-maximum of 7 sentences
-can be written in your own language but please provide an English translations on the side
-if you know Korean that would be awesome but DO NOT use Google translator. If you don't know Korean that is fine.
-NO foul messages please or else it will be discarded

We have 2 sets of message form
1) Group message = a message for our idol as a group
2) Bias Message = a message for you bias member

you can do one or both."

In addition, is there something you might wanna say to HyungJun-gun / youngsaeng-gun for upcoming birthday?

You could also participate in. I mean, there are so many different projects every where here and there. Nobody's forcing you to do anything^^, but I really believe your love conquers your rationality (^^)

Contact details found on the top-most attached link in this post. Refer to it for more information. Hopefully your emotions takes over your rationality.

nope, nope... this is not Inception.
I ain't planting a thought into your mind - I'm noting thoughts.

Now, it's all up to U.