Sunday, July 25, 2010

영생군 눈이 브링브링잉~

Many artistes are opting to go Lasik these days. so its not really a surprise, because when you undergo lasik which is painless and takes less than 15 mere minutes, you get a brand new lease of life to view this beautiful world with a heart lighter than that of a feather. ^_____^
Wouldn't you, too?

source- [오세오 안과 - Oseo Ophthalmologist @ Kangnam]

message left by Ophthalmologist about His Majesty @ 07-23:::

Group SS501's member full-point charmer Heo Young Saeng had administered himself into our OseO Ophthalmology Clinic. Heo Young Saeng who has received much courage after seeing the results of member Kim Kyu Jong who's undergone the same lasik surgery too~
Because of these two (3 you mean) awesome guys, Kangnam's Oseo Ophythalmology Clinic has been crowded in high favor since then ^^
Heo Young Saeng who's visited our Kangnam Oseo Ophthalmology Clinic~
Be happy always~