Sunday, July 18, 2010

[기사] JungSoMin, 웃으면 복? ^^

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If you have a bright smile, luck will come in your way too...?
Newbie actress Jung So Min brushed aside all thorns amidst the fiery battle for the female lead position as 'Kim HyunJoong's woman' with her bright smile, which brought about attention towards her.

Jung So Min was confirmed to be the female lead for new MBC summer-scheduled drama 'Playful Kiss'. 'Playful Kiss' production company confirmed this piece of information on 16 July.

'Playful Kiss' is a work ambitiously produced by 'Boys over Flower' production company - Group Eight. Battle for the female lead position varying from f(x) Sulli to child-actress-borne Park Eun Bin etc alongside Kim Hyun Joong, who was long casted, but in the end, the position went to a newbie, and it was revealed that she belongs to the same agency company as Kim HyunJoong - Keyeast, which attracted attention. With this, Keyeast's influential power became an immediate topic of discussion.

However, despite all these speculations, the first and foremost reasons why Jung So Min was chosen is because of her beautiful-burst-through smile (a bright, beautiful smile that strikes through you), which led to people wondering if luck will follow after you when you smile very brightly.

Genius flower teen Baek Seung Jo (original-Irie Naoki) portrayed by Kim Hyun Joong will be expected to deliver a new side to some cold and aloof transformations. Jung So Min will be a dumb girl Oh Ha-Ni (original-Aihara Kotoko) who never excels in academics but yet will manage to melt Kim Hyun Joong's character with her specialty - friendliness and innocence, and with this, it made both their combination a perfect one.