Saturday, July 31, 2010

몸짱 2위 - 김현중 [BODY MAN - KimHyunJoong]

A poll was done online to see what are the netizen’s opinions about the ‘good figure’ of various korean idols. The results came out and according to list of the ‘best body’, Eeteuk of Super Junior top the chart. Many netizens who saw the ranking was amazed as he has won over other idols especially his group member, Siwon, who was popular for his ‘chocolate abs’. It was known that Super Junior members worked very hard to maintain a good looking figure and their gym trainer has pointed out that Eeteuk is the one with the most improvements( body) and has the nicest shape.

Look at the ranking now!

1. Leeteuk
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Taemin
4. Siwon
5. Jaejoong
6. Nickhun
7. TOP
8. Yunho
9. Jokwon
10. Dongho

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