Sunday, August 01, 2010

0801 Birthday Party Extraction Notice

**Admission time & how-to**
-Admission time will be 4pm. For those who will be late, we will not be responsible if you can't get to enter with your given admission/seat number. Please be here by latest 3.30pm to confirm your seat and place.
-You could enter the hall with your given seat/admission number.

**HyungJun's event & the Members**
-The question that was most frequently asked was the Hyung-Jun-Event. This event will be carried out as per scheduled. Because this event will be a Surprise event, please go to see for yourself.
As to which member will take part, you will have to confirm on the day yourself.

**Photography, Recording, Videotaping NO**
-This time's event is not an official event, and because it is a private event held, we will be deleting any possible related articles/notings if any of them are found. We also denied press coverages courteously, so please understand.
-For the sake of protecting the privacy of this event and for the members and guests, all recording, photography and videotaping will be restricted. The moment any one is found recording on the day, he/she will be asked to leave immediately and all content will be deleted right on the spot.
-We the organiser will be taking videos and photography, after which we will be uploading onto our data board, but it will not be the full versions. They will be edited/collated versions, and then sent to HyungJun as birthday present.

*Waiting area*
There will be a waiting area outside the hall before admission. Based on the weather forecast, it will be RAINING on that day, so please personally prepare your raincoat/umbrella.

-1st, remember to memorize the song "HANA"
-2nd, paper planes (paper planes prepared by us will be given out on the party day itself during the time where participants come to get their tickets).
-After singing "HANA", there will be the Paper-Plane-Event. Please, you have to memorize the lyrics!
Part -- last chorus.
니가 볼 수 있게 알아 볼 수 있게 손이 닿는 곳에 항상 있었잖아
행복했던 기억들 중에 가끔 날 볼 수 없었니
하나만 알아줘 하나만 믿어줘
누구보다도 널 잘 아는 나란 걸
누구보다 내 가슴만이 널 위한 자리란 걸
너의 마지막 사람이 바로 나란 걸

**Presents and letters**
-If you would like to give letters/presents, please give them to the officer in charge on the day as you confirm your attendance with them as well. The officers in charge will be congregated at a particular spot, and they will be sure to pass your items to HyungJun.
It will be impossible for you to personally pass any item to HyungJun himself.

We hope to spin beautiful, unforgettable memories together with HyungJun on August 1.
Thank you.


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