Thursday, August 26, 2010

[article] 26th Press Conf *2*

Kim Hyun Joong expressed his thoughts on the kiss scenes with his partner in MBC new drama Playful Kiss - Jung Somin.

On 26th at Seoul, Nonhyundong, Imperial Palace, the drama's press conference was held. Kim Hyun Joong talks about his portrayal of his role, "It really isn't easy acting as a genius boy...". "There were so many more words and phrases that appeared in the script than what I know of. There are so many parts that I have to say in such a manner as though I know its meaning so well, that's why I had to really study it. I'm as though studying my high school stuff which I couldn't do so back then - again".

With regards to his kiss scenes in the drama, "There were a few times I don't look at Jung Somin at all and kisses her without any prior notice at all. It was so awkward, but it's actually more apt to the situation in the drama that way. Thats why literally, a 'naughty kiss' really seems to be it".

In addition, when he was asked to compare which character was closer to his true self, "Both of them are characters from the manhwas; it's totally different from me. Thats why when I was acting it myself, rather than having a practical feeling, I felt more of a manhwa-like/fantasy-like kind of feeling...I just acted in that manner", revealing his thoughts.

He plays Baek Seung Jo, a role of IQ 200 fellow who possesses beauty, wealth and intelligence.