Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strike doesnt yet affect Jangki

Because of some problems that occurred with the external production companies, strike has had happened beginning tomorrow onwards where a press conference will be held... But Jangki hopefully remains unaffected

4th paragraph

On the other hand, for dramas that are just beginning to show its first broadcast, because they have more accumulated scenes that they have to shoot, they are shooting them at one go. Like KBS2 TV 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' case, they have finished shooting for the 1st~6th episode, even if the strike may last long, they could still last until at least the 3rd week of September. On the 1st day of strike - September 1, MBC new drama 'Playful Kiss' that will start has already finished shooting for its 1st~4th episodes. According to production company Group Eight, "In our drama's case, because we have fewer people involved, it isn't so much of a problem caused. But if the strike prolongs, then it might become a problem".