Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[paper interview] xin msn



Extract from the interview.

But the one looming question in the minds of fans was still the state of SS501. Will the five-year pop boy group disband?

"We are still together, and maintain a good relationship. If possible, we would like a reunion on stage soon. We are still preparing for our future group activities despite being involved in our solo careers," assured the idol.

Yet, he does have his fare share of 'grouches' about fellow SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong, who was absent from the 'baby's' birthday fan meet event in Korea.

"Hyung Joong can be quite absentminded; he forgets a lot of important matters. Even though he's far away and busy with work, I believe he has best wishes for me in his heart," said the star.

Did the leader send any presents then?

"There was no presents (from Hyun Joong), this is not the first time (it has happened), I'm already used to it," Hyung Jun sighed.

The playful star went on to berate the leader, "Bad boy, leader bad!" he childishly joked in English, stifling laughter.