Sunday, August 22, 2010

0821 Tokyo BoF

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A luxurious alumni event of Boys over Flowers was held at the Tokyo International Forum today. This time's event is Boys over Flowers' 4th event in Japan, approximately 10,000K and more gathered together for this event. Short-haired Hyesun, growing increasingly musculine HyunJoong, Kim Bum who had some musical performances, as well as Kim Jun along with his 4-member group T-Max; the moment all of them appeared on stage, there was a roar of applaud from the audiences present.

First of all, all of them introduced themselves and gave updates about themselves. After which followed by sharing of interesting episodes during shooting of Boys over Flowers, and then the confession game with the turn of wheel which pushed the event to its climax, and lastly, each of them performed individual songs.

It began with GooHyesun, she sung her self-composed song "Brown colored hair", this song is a light-tempo bossa nova piece, she composed it in congratulation of the marriage of her agency's boss. Hyesun with her short boyish hairstyle was especially adorable. Listening to such beautiful voice accompanied by melodious rhythm, every one seemed to have forgotten about the heat outside there.

Next up was Kim Bum. He sung to the japanese version of his song "Heading to meet you now". Aplenty audiences were indulged in his soft, gentle, silk-like voice. Probably because Kim Bum only began to play band recently, he now seems sexier and more charming apart from his usual cuteness. In addition, he also played guitar following to his 2nd song "Bad case of loving you", which colored a stark contrast to his previous ballad piece, this time with a strong rocky feel penetrating the atmosphere.

Following Kim Bum was group T-max. They sung "Paradise" which was much familiar to us, and then "Say Yes". Also, they sung another song of theirs "Don't be rude". 2 of the newbie members in the group greeted with much enthusiasm, which gained the applause of audiences present. Leader Min-chul with his skillful vocals, Kim Jun who now looks more gentleman, newbie members Joo Chanyang and Park Hanbi with the refreshing feeling they give off, these 4 form the newly regrouped Tmax, who thus showed their stage-charm never before seen.

The final stage holder was Kim Hyun Joong who is wildly popular. He who now grows a somewhat-long hairstyle accompanied by his sophisticated disposition gives off a very musculine feeling; the moment he appeared, there was an immediate russle amongst the audiences. During his night session, he appeared with a balloon-made dog, which once again caused some commotion from the audiences present. He sung to "Thank you" and "Please be nice to me", his charming dance moves and beautiful soft voice captivated the hearts of audiences so tightly. Everybody was submerged in his perfect performance amidst all cheers and applauds.

During the final closing stage, everyone appeared together once more and expressed gratitude to all fans present, thus parting goodbye unwillingly.

This BoF alumni event that closed its run successfully under the support of everyone, be it in the hearts of our BoF casts or fans present on that day, it is believed that this event will etch itself deep down in the hearts of everyone.

Both of the events in Osaka and Tokyo will be included in the Boys over Flowers DVD available for sale, you may preorder beginning today (Aug 21) at 10pm.

Don't miss out on every little bit of this event, yo.