Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[기사/영상] Interview with Hyungjun *오마이 싱가풀*

Went to search for this on the website after seeing translated version, but since there was some information missing

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who recently signed on to his new agency and is in development of his solo activities has revealed that he goes on line to search for himself often, and even click on searches to raise his popularity!

Kim Hyung Jun was here in Singapore last Sunday for his fanmeeting and meet and greet, when he took on the interview at evening time, he was asked if he really does click on searches to increase his popularity.

The lively him responded in English immediately the moment he heard the translation from his translator, "Yes that's true, search me please!". After that, through his translator, he added, "I will go online frequently to search for myself, because I felt, as an artiste, that's a need for that, especially also when I'm about to develop my solo activities soon. I hope that all fans will do that too".

After the translator finished translation for his words, Kim Hyung Jun teasingly commented, "Please do!"...

So what was the most interesting piece of news he's found online so far? "There was once a piece of news mentioning about my dog Choco, talking about how it was originally a small dog and then now turned into a big one, but this is actually just a small matter".

Choco is actually bred by Kim Hyung Jun and his brother --who is Ukiss member Kim Kibum--, both the brothers are developing in showbiz, so does he feel some sniff of rivalry?

Kim Hyung Jun laughed, "Recently I see my brother very active in each variety programmes and is even busier than I am so indeed I feel a little threatened! No la, just joking! He's a good brother, very glad to see him performing well in his career, and with the increase of fame too. Good boy!"



After signing on to his new company, Kim Hyung Jun revealed, his first work taken on will be a musical drama at the end of this year, after which he'd like to partake in drama filming.

He was asked if he feel kinda hard to adapt without the accompaniment of his members as this is his first time in Singapore? "Indeed I will miss the other members too, and feel kind of lonely. But what's more important is, if you would come out solo to develop you have to make many decisions, and you have got to be more matured in your thoughts".

Yet he did come clean, too, about possibility of striving further as one goes solo, "In SS501, I will want to try out a particular type of genre, yet it may not be suitable for other members. If alone, I can try out my own likings. Also during photo shoots, I get the entire camera view! Haha! Just joking..!"


Here's a video that happens to be uploaded from the same website

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joking about Kibum as his rival