Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[영상] 0824 YStar - Jangki shooting BTS

Ystar 0824 - 촬영현장 공개




Translation only until 3.03. more will soon

0.02 Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Tae Sung's drama will be airing next month. We met the casts at their shooting location.

0.13 The drama Playful Kiss which has been receiving much concern over it since a long time ago even before it airs itself

0.18 Because of the hot popularity the original manga already had, it's obvious why the K-version of Playful Kiss is receiving this much anticipation from audiences all in itself.

0.25 We met both the two protagonists Kim Hyun Joong & Jung SoMin at their shooting location. However, Jung SoMin who raunches on Kim Hyun Joong's back was quite something that was peculiar

0.33 Seungjo: In the end you came up on my back~

0.38 Hani: Baaad~~~ fella

0.47 Seungjo: Oh Hani you're too~ amazing, in the end you're up on my back huh

0.51 Hani: Huh what...

0.55 Seungjo: Oh Hani, you did superb

0.59 Though it was just acting, we're all so envious of Jung Somin who rode on the back of females' romance -- Kim Hyun Joong~

1:08 Oh Hani, you did superb~

1.18 Aigoo, feel sorry

1.22 After shifting the venue, the shooting proceeded on... Kim HyunJoong who's acting to talk in short amount of breath after running.....

1.33 Condition, what condition?

1.40 Teach me a lil' (studies)

1.41 What?

1.45 This time's mock exam, please help to raise my score a lil' (her fingers)

1.50 Do you sound like you know how long more it is to the exam?

1.55 That's why I said hopefully you could help to raise it~ I'll go on my self-study too

2.01 So you think a miracle would happen by seeing me now? I'm no God

2.06 Jung Somin, for the sake of more solid acting that she could portray (feelings), she's been jumping in her spot before shooting began...~~

2.15 Start~ stand by,

2.18 action

2.21 Got it got it, I'll do it, but..I have a condition...

2.27 For the sake of an important scene which emphasizes Kim Hyun Joong's movement, the PD is carefully explaining to them on how to execute it~~

2.36 Yo people~

2.44 Cut

2.48 However, it didnt get to your heart isn't it~ This time, the PD personally demonstrates it himself~

3.00 People~~~~

3.03 Thanks to the PD's guidance, this time luckily, they received an OK sign~~~