Thursday, June 16, 2011

현중 :: 06.16 M Countdown 1 위 ( No.1 ) !

During his winning speech, a rough outline:

Very thankful for this award today.
All thanks to Yongjoon hyung, KEYEAST's boss and staff, cordi nuna, managers, our best dance team Artmatic, and all many others
As well as our fans of course, really want to say thanks
This award today is given by all our fans who have worked hard
Thank you all!

In addition, these are the scores.

Digital Sales
3520 - lowest HJ
3840 - FTI
4000 - highest SECRET

Album Sales
800 - HJ highest
372 - FTI
215 - SECRET lowest

Mnet online poll (Mnet Korea+Mnet Japan)
1500 - HJ highest
1480 - FTI
1360 - SECRET lowest

Liking by professionals
900 - HJ highest
840 - FTI
840 - SECRET

Realtime charts ranking that gave this score:
900 - HJ lowest
1050 - FTI
1350 - SECRET highest >> this shows their ranking on charts are very high

8078 - HJ WINNER!!!
8042 - FTI
7845 - SECRET


Little BTS

WINNER - NO.1!!!

YouTube videos by: crazycarrotextra
Video copyright by: Mnet Korea
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

hello, ODE!
congrats 현중's win today!
i'm so happy and exciting!!!

btw, 현중 thanks to DSP's Lee Ho Yeon first, and then Bae Yong Jun.
and don't forget 영생!
현중 said he wansts to share his award with him.
ah.... they're so close... so happy...

Anonymous said...


I think HJL is so nice and sweet person.
He said, he wants to thank Lee Ho Yeon for taking care of and supporting him like son.

And HJL didn't forget to say about Saengie behind him. XD

ode said...

@both anon
Yeah you're right,
must be in a rush ^^;;;
More to come!