Thursday, June 23, 2011

현중 ::【BREAKDOWN】Limited Edition ― Info + Preorder begins today

This is Keyeast.

Preordering for Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's 1st mini album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition will begin from June 23 (Thursday) onwards.

In this album, besides the current 6 songs as was already included in the Normal Edition album, there will also be an additional DVD as well as unreleased photos.
It will be limited to only 10,000 copies.
The poster will also be different from the one in the Normal Edition album.

Information to preorder Kim Hyunjoong 1st Mini Album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition...

When: 2011 June 23 (Thursday), 3PM onwards~
At where: YES24, Kyobo Online, Interpark, Aladin, Synnara media, Music Korea, Libro Online, Music Land, Liz Music, Apple Music

We ask for much of your concern and support towards Kim Hyunjoong's 1st mini album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition.

Thank you.

For more information, please post your enquiries to the respective online sites and stores.




1CD (same as Normal Edition) + 1DVD, Normal Edition's photos+additional photos shot in studio = Total 48P Photobook

**in the DVD**
Making Film includes Greetings, Showcase footage, Choreography Rehearsing Video, MV On-the-scene

Release Date : June 30 (Thursday)

01_Intro (Let Me Go)
02_Break Down (Feat. Double K)
03_제발 (Please)
04_Kiss Kiss
05_Yes I Will
06_제발 (Please) (Instrumental)

02_Break Down M/V
03_제발 (Please) M/V

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