Monday, June 20, 2011

현중 :: Article「About 4 bottles of Soju...」


Kim Hyunjoong has once again proved his status as the representative of a drinker in the entertainment circle.

On SBS Power FM 'Park Sohyun's Love Game' that was aired on the 17th June, Kim Hyunjoong shared talks on the subject 'Slightest misunderstanding that people have of KHJ', speaking "I often hear people say that I will drink wine or western style liquor and though I don't drink it often, I do drink Soju for about 3.5 bottles to around 4 bottles".

To this, he continued, "Because I debuted at a young age, there were contract terms like you cannot mention talks about 'moustache', 'first loves', 'beer', 'smoking' etc", "But because I do those talks very conveniently and easily these days, I'm no longer an idol anymore", as he even added.

On the other hand, Kim Hyunjoong has recently released his first solo album 'Breakdown' and is undergoing aggressive promotional activities.

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