Monday, October 10, 2011

규종 :: 『STAR MK』 인터뷰 - 한 부분만 (Golden Part)

긴 인터뷰에서 중요한 부분만 가져왔다. Only the golden words, again.

Date of interview done: Oct 4 (Tuesday)
Date of interview published: Oct 10 (Monday)

★ 사실 규종씨를 보면 자신감이 부족해보인다는 생각이 들었어요. 팬들 눈치를 봤던건가요?

심했죠. 데뷔 때부터 사실 팬들에게 저랑 영생이형이 빠져야 그룹이 성공한다는 말을 많이 들었어요. 편지도 많이 받았고요. 그때 영생이형이랑 술을 정말 많이 마셨죠.(웃음) 둘이서 이런 저런 얘길 한참 하면서 ‘나중에 우리 꼭 웃으면서 이 날을 얘기하자’ 했는데 그 즈음에 도쿄에서 콘서트를 했어요. 공연 막바지에 저희 노래 ‘세상의 날개’를 부르는데 둘다 눈물이 터져버린거죠. 당시 멤버들이 붙잡아줘서 큰 힘이 됐어요.


★(Reporter): To be honest, there are thoughts like whenever I see you, I feel like you don't have enough confidence. Have you ever gotten outcasted treatment from fans before?

"Quite seriously in the past. Beginning since our debut, we've heard alot from fans about how the group can only succeed if without me and Youngsaeng-hyung. And we had also received alot of letters. At that time I drank alot with Youngsaeng-hyung (laughs). When both of us were together, we shared many talks about this about that for a long time, 'In future we must definitely laugh to talking about this day'... Then, we did a concert in Tokyo at that time. At the finale moment, we sung to 'Wings of the World', and both of us started crying like a river. Our members came to hold us all together, and it became a real huge strength of power since".

★ 아직 연예인 ‘김규종’의 대중의 인지도가 높진 않은 게 사실이에요.

이제는 대중들에게 저를 알리고 싶어요. 택시를 타도 기사님들이 어디서 많이 봤다는 말씀만 되풀이하시거든요. 막상 그룹명을 말해도 잘 모르세요. 그럴 때 현중이형 이름을 대면 기사님이 ‘아~’하시면서 알아보시죠. 하하. 멤버가 잘 되는 건 참 좋지만 같은 멤버로서 인지도가 따라주지 못하니까 미안한 면이 많죠. 이번 앨범, 드라마의 목표는 정말 단 하나에요. 대중들에게 ‘김규종 알리기’요. 그래서 지방도 많이 다닐거에요. 제 노래 많이 들려드리려고요.(웃음)


★(Reporter): It's a fact that celebrity 'Kim Kyu Jong' is still not popular enough, though.

"Yes and for now, I want to let the public know. Even when I take the taxis, the drivers would often say they seem to have seen me alot somewhere but cannot recall my name. I tell them our group name and he still does not know well yet. Until when I bring up Hyunjoong-hyung's name then the driver will go 'Ah~' like that, and that's how he got to recognize. Ha ha. Of course it's a good thing that our members can get to fare really well, but though in a group, some members who cannot get to have same amount of popularity really is quite sorry to know... So for this time's album and drama, I only have one goal. And it is to let the public know 'Who Kim Kyu Jong Is'. And so I'll be heading for the rural regions more often too. I will let my songs be more known (laughs)."

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