Saturday, October 01, 2011

Soribada : Register an official soribada account + Buy Card ( for Int'l users ) ( new system )

The following is for foreign users to register a "Foreigners' Account"
- under the New System.


Create Official Account

Look at 3rd box - "국내거주 외국인".
Underneath, select "회원가입",

This will appear. Click on the blue button.

Then again, such page will appear. Tick all 3 mini boxes (Terms and Condition).
Then move to bottom to click blue box.

Fill in necessary details. as follow.

Name(Real name) - Male/Female
ID: *4~12 english smallcase, allows numbers/special punctuation*
Password confirm:
E-mail address: __ @ __
Mini to-check box: *to receive newsletters or not*
ID Picture: -scanned version is preferred-
Verification Code

After double confirming all your details, then click on the blue box "소리바다 ID 만들기 완료".
Words '가입승인을 위하여 1~2일(주말 제외)이 소요되며, 승인 후 이메일로 통보됩니다' means = It will inform you via e-mail after you successfully manage to join, after 1~2 days.

That's it. You had just registered an official account.


Buying Card

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Thank You!

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fin said...

I can't complete the registration. Every field has been filled, with green ticks all over, but after pressing the big blue button at the end of the registration page, it just stays on the same page. I must have clicked more than 10 times. Frustrating.

ode said...

to Fin;

Are you using Internet Explorer?
Usually, only I.E works.