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Soribada : Register an official soribada account ( for Int'l users ) ( old system )




Streaming Listening = SL
Soribada music card = SMC (please purchase soribada music card HERE)
Non SMC holders = you don’t have SMC because you don’t have Credit Card

1. Open this site and register here

2. Choose foreigner and klik subscriber button.
Sometimes you can’t direct to the next page because the sites is quite busy…
But normally you can direct to the next page…

3. Then clicked “all blue button” to agree the rules
(total the "all blue button" will appear 3 times) (click on the "all blue button" for three times)

4. Then you will directed to registration page

in 1st
Box 1: fill ur real name in ur id card ... tick the button in beside ur box name.. That is gender button. Male and female (there is only 2 choices of gender...^^;;)

- YOU HAVE TO SPELL YOUR ENGLISH NAME IN KOREAN HANGUL.. You can’t type in english name for it actually work. It must be in hangul.
- If you have Chinese name just use your Chinese name but if Chinese names doesn’t work too that means you have to spell your name in Korean hangul.
- How to spell ur english name in korean hangul?
For how to spell your English name in Korean hangul name go to here :
- Then copy paste that korean name into the box WITHOUT SPACE!
- Special case: L is ㄹ; There's no "z" in korean. You have to write it as ㅈ;
- If u still have difficult spelling your Korean name, you can ask us with leave your comment in comment section, we will make the Korean name for you
- If you have a really long name try to shorten it with ensure it's very close to your real name, cause it doesn't accept too many hangul. You can omit the middle name

Box 2: Your birthday: year-month-day

*** For box 3-6 please fill in 4-8 character, both letters and numbers, more desirable, use lowercase only, and only "_" can be used. Other symbols cannot be used.***
*** For the ID and nickname, just used English characters. The only thing must typed in Hangul is ur name only (box 1)

Box 3: ID means the ID you want (username) in soribada.
- Not the ID CARD name.
- Try use any unique name to avoid duplicate ID name.
- English name is OKAY (no need use hangul).
- Oya you SHOULD click “check ID” button (next to where you enter the id) to check your ID available or not.
- example: my ID is jjang501

Box 4: password

Box 5: confirm password

Box 6: nickname

Box 7: your email adress. Please fill in the real email to receive confirm letter from soribadaBox 8: Upload your id card / PASSPORT / DRIVING LICENSE and scanning photo
- They want your ID card just so that they can identify you. It's because Korea have this "real-name system" on Internet, that for whatever registration on internet they will need your real identification and information

- Notice: if u don’t have ID CARD/ PASSPORT / DRIVER LICENSE TO UPLOAD, for some case u can try to upload any photo, it will works too (but it is just for some case, hope. My friend try using his any photo and it was successful but my other friend not, so just try if u are lucky enough). Same goes to use ID student card, it just depend on your lucky. But for use COUNTRY ID CARD / PASSPORT/ DRIVER LICENSE, you are guarantee to success.. ^^
Please make sure that is a clear scanned copy of your ID / the photo is clear enough to show your ID number!

- ID PHOTO: size lower 500k, in jpeg format.

Box 9: Fill in the words and numbers in correct format

Box 10: Ur country
Country code check here:

Box 11: Phone no
- Put on your country code in first box, the rest each box fill in 4 numbers
(actually it depends on your (just spread across).

- About the phone number just add half of it if it's too long, example: if your country phone number have 10 number, so you just write 8, and left the rest 2, its okay ^^
(dun worry they wont call you ^^, this is just formality only)
example: if u are from Singapore, ur country code is 65. So in the first box you must write: 0065, the rest of each box just fill in 4 numbers.

- If you can't find your country, just select one nearest your country. But in the phone number fill, the first box is for country code, so it need to match with the country you have selected. (your country not in the list)

5. After you finish registered and you should got the page that said, "소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다." = Congrats on becoming a member. But it doesn’t mean you can automatically log in because you are not technically registered yet. You have to wait for your confirmation email maximum within 3 days ( I got my confirmation email within 2 hours ^^) because they must need time to look over the information you sent them along with your passport info since you are a foreigner. So its need time, it can be in 1 day or even take few days before you can log in to listen… so just make it the account now… Patient okay, because I am sure many TS international will register suddenly XD. So please wait until you receive your email confirmation.
If it still doesn't work after 3 days, say after 4 days, there must be something wrong.
Maybe you'd want to Re-signup, why? Because your S.L will not be counted in.

6. After finish register and got the page got the page that said, "소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다." = Congrats on becoming a member.
After so, you have to do this for checking, TO CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION IS VALID OR NOT! It is a must-do… to make sure, your registration is valid (if you still feel insecured) and you will receive email verification from them within 3 days! (general cases)

a. Please click log in button

b. Type your ID and password

c. Click log in button (로그인), don’t mark the one above log in button.

d. You will see this if your registration is successful

e. Then you will receive a confirm letter like the following one that said verification email will be sent within 3 days

7. Email confirmation

If you see these following words in the confirmation email they have sent you :
소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다
it means your registration is complete and successful (you are technically have registered) and you can log in now. ^^

The email you should receive:

If you receive that, then your account is VALID already!

If you haven’t received that email verification within 3 days, it means you can log in of course but your SL WILL NOT BE COUNTED because you haven’t received your email verification.

If after 3 days you have not received it yet ur email verification, it means there is SOMETHING WRONG with your registration! Go back to re-sign up!



- In your registration process, its possible you will encounter problem/pop up window like this.

- When you done with fill the registration page, sometimes you still have not got yet the page that said, "소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다." = Congrats on becoming a member, instead they give you another various pop up window as ur mistakes.

- If you found some of this notice/warning in ur pop up window, you have to fix it based on the solution I write for each warning, until finally you got the page that said, "소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다." = Congrats on becoming a member.

A. 이름이 형식에 맞지않습니다 = your name in wrong format = means please type in hangul, go to search for online translation (you have to spell your english name with Korean hangul)
(eg, for Kim Hyun Joong, 김현중 will be the hangul. "김현중" is the korean hangul here for his english name. If your name is say, Tiffany, you write in Korean hangul, it will be
"티파니". etc.
If you need help in your name, ode don't mind helping; however, it's

recommended that you kindly search for online translation first)

B. 이름을 입력하세요 = please enter your name = usually this happened if u write ur name in English not in hangul. You have to spell your English name in hangul.

C. 아이디 중복검사를 하세요 = please check your id name by clicking the ID button = means you have to click the "check ID"(next to where you enter the ID) button to check if your ID is taken.

D. 아 이디가 형식에 맞지 않습니다. 다시 확인하시고 입 력해주세요 = It says the ID you chose does not conform to the format. You have to choose an ID between 4-8 characters, both in English or numbers, lowercase and only "_" can be used. Other symbols cannot be used.

E. ___ (user ID) 는 이미 사용중인 아이디입니다 = your username is already in use, so you should try another username

F. If u get this email sent to you as your verification email.

소 리바다 고 객센터 운영자 입니다.

회 원가입을 위 해 정확한 본인의 신분증을 첨부하여 주 시기 바랍니다.
아래 회원가입창의 [외 국인 가입]에서 내용을 다시 작성하시기 바 랍니다.

거주국가의 신분증, 여권, 외국인 등록증, 운전면허증만
신분증의 역할을 할 수 있습니다.
반 드시 올 바른 확장자의 파일을 확인 후 첨부해 주시기 바랍니다.

감 사합니다. "

It means because your upload photos, the register is not successful because maybe
1.) your number ID isn’t show clear enough
2.) you use student ID card / any photo.
This is what I said before for some special case not using ID/PASSPORT/DRIVER LICENSE photo sometimes can success but sometimes can failed. If you get this kind of email it means you have to re-register again / fill up the information again -- but this time you should upload ID CARD / PASSPORT / DRIVER LICENSE ONLY.
But if you don’t receive this email when actually u use non-ID CARD / non-PASSPORT / non-DRIVER LICENSE / ANY Hyunjoong photo, and even receive successful email verification, so it means you are LUCKY.
That’s why I said just give it a try even if you don’t use ID CARD / PASSPORT / DRIVER LICENSE, maybe you are the lucky one too ^^
But if you already have ID CARD / PASSPORT / DRIVER LICENSE, so just use one of that ID ne, to make sure and not waste your time much.
It doesn't take you very long to scan your card if you do own a scanner, agree? ^_^

G. If you see these following words in the confirmation email they have sent you :
소리바다의 회원이 되신 것을 축하드립니다

it means your registration is complete and successful (you are technically have registered)
and you can log in validly & account fully activated now. ^^

H. Nickname has been used -> change to another nickname

I. Incorect authorization code

J. Fail to upload photo -> should size lower 500k, in jpeg format.

K. ID has been used -> change to another ID

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