Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[JM][article] Mini-album + Fanmeeting @ Nov

10/12 [news] SS501 Park JungMin collaborates with Shinsadong Tiger to release album in November

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Say hello to me when you see me on stage in Nov

SS501 Park JungMin will be returning back to his fans.

Starting with signing with CNR Media for his local contract in August, then with Yamaha Music of Yamaha Group in Japan, and SONY Asia Group for Chinese-speaking regions, he has finished the planning stage for the whole of Asia region.

Park JungMin will have his Korea Official Homepage opening by end of October, release a mini album on 25-Nov, and hold a local (Korea) fan meeting on 27-Nov.

His agency CNR Media said ¡°For that period of time, his schedule was packed with only wrapping up of contracts for his local activities and advancement into Asia. Now, we decided that it is time for him to show a more matured image of him to his fans. More than anyone else, he himself wanted to meet his fans sooner. Even though it is a small gesture, the release of the album will be a gift to repay to his fans, while having a fan meeting to meet with his local fans and at the same time, starting his activities.

In addition, currently he is consulting with composer Shinsadong Tiger on this mini album, and has joined in for several ways in the production while recording (the song) at the same time. This mini album which will be released in Korea will also be recorded into Japanese and Chinese to be released in Japan, Chinese-speaking regions as well as the rest of Asia.


Do you think there will be ballads? At least songs created by Shinsadong tiger will be kind of upbeat.

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greentea said...

Hope his mini-album will have both upbeat and slow songs, also songs that will show his vocal range. Thanks for sharing.