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[HJ][fanacc] 1LS Tokyo fanmeet

[Fan Account] First Love Story DVD Fan Meeting – Daytime
by Lafone /

I was too lucky to get a daytime ticket from a blog reader which was the third row, in the center zone ! I could see Leader’s expression, any detail without glasses. At the beginning, I completely forgot to take note, in admiration of his black brilliant eyes and cute smile. Sorry!

Styling : Tight black suit as you saw. The fringe of his black shirt seemed to be spangles, as well as his tie. He also put white bracelet and ring on the right hand with fake-pave diamond which was shining under the light. He loves something with sparkles.

Song : He appeared on the stage, sining “Thank you “

Preview of Shooting in Bali & Talk Time

Leader : (in reply to MC’s question) I can see all of you very well. I am good at keeping a memory of people, I see some I already knew and some which I see for the first time.

In the meantime, he said that he could not remember how many days he spent in Bali as the schedule was so tight and busy.

While the digest DVD being on the screen, he gestured to the audience to watch the screen, not his face.

MC : How do you feel about yourself in Bali ? You don’t think that you are terrific?

Leader : If shooting takes place now, I will be much better, but undereye cirles may not be covered.

MC : No. We cannot see any undereye circles. (actually, it was evident)
Are you in a good shape ?

Leader: Yes, the best condition.

Clothes, guitar, ring and so were on the stage.

Leader: I don’t remember as I was too busy without understanding what I was doing. I would like to catch up with my memory.

MC : I could not imagine what Hyun Joong ssi was going to say ; it was for the first time I met such a person.

Leader : Because of the discrepancy in delivery service, the clothes were wrinkled. Usually, stylists ironed to smooth these wrinkles. (in a laugh)

2nd digest DVD of the Lake Hamanako : wedding ceremony

MC : Do you remember something about the shooting with fans?

Leader : I doubt whether you guys gave such a big applause if it was the real wedding ceremony of myself ( an explosion of his 4D talk )

MC : All of the fans were patient enough to refrain from calling “ Leader !”, nor “ Hyun Joong !” It was the first time for you to work together like this way.

Leader : Yes, it was the first time. I was satisfied with a feeling of achievement together. I would like to try something much interesting, the next time such as sports festival.

MC : A sport festival ? What would you like to try ?

Leader : Well, there are some who are rather aged, and some who are young, a wide variety in age bracket. I suggest a quiz,” Yes or No “. I would like to give a kiss on the back of the fan who won a quiz. Therefore, there will be too many difficult questions (again, burst in a laught due to his 4D comments )

Again, another making DVD of Bali
He was driving a Mercedez-Bentz sport car. He took a heart-shape cut diamond from a ring box, telling “ I will sell this ring, I prefer to give to my girlfriend my love, not a gift “

MC: You remember something ?

Leader : Yes, a little though there’s nothing to do with shooting. The hotel we used for shooting, was so expensive (8 mil yen ? maybe for a rental of full rooms I suppose) Mr. & Mrs Angelina Jolie stayed there. I was thiking at that time that I may recognize their body scent.

MC : Thank for talking freely about what you thought. By the way, what is your future plan,?

Leader : I would like to do my best for Playfull Kiss till the end. And …..
I do not want to spend a lonely Christmas this year.; it will be fine for me to spend with guys if it is not lonesome. Then, I will prepare for a solo album.
Oh, I have to add this. On Oct. 21, I will spend with you to see the last episode of Playful Kiss for that I am working hard as well. I would like to see as many as possible on that day.

Questions from fans

Q1 Among the conditions you may ask for your partner, are there something you feel prerequisite ?
a) capable to catch a dragonfly on your behalf ?
b) cook a beef on rice bowl of SUKIYA (Leader’s favorite Japanese food) ?

Leader : Actually, as I am still young, I have never gave a serious consideration about marriage. Before I thought that I would marry till 30 years old. However, I worry that I may live alone for a lifetime and die lonely. (again, 4D comment )

MC : Oh, please just leave it to the fate !

Q2 You were listing MP3 at airports. What kind of music do you listen to ?

Leader : A very good question ! (in Japanese ) I have been listeing to the candidates for my solo numbers which I would like to release the next year. As I received many offers, I now listen to and select.

Q3 What do you do first when you are back to home ?

Leader : Sleep ! I recently came to know that one can adapt to this lifestyle as well, go home, take a shower, make-up and immediately go for shooting. Sometimes, I can only take two-hours sleep among 3 days. Like this way, I have to upgrae myself .

Q4 What you would like your girlfriend to do ?

Leader: Well, …. Let’s consider what I want my partner. Even I go back to home very late at night together with my friends after drink, I hope that my wife would make beds for them, cook something to eat as well. I hope that my partner will be tolerant enough to do so.

MC I will ask the audience. Could you please raise your hands if you can treat Hyun Joong ssi and his friends in such a way ? (the majority of the audience raised hands, I assume )

Leader : Liar ! ( in Japanese ) Well, this may happen once in a month. I will be nice to my partner during the remaining 29 days.

2nd Question Corner from 3 ladies (again with lucky draw)

Leader tried to call fan’s first name such as Yoko to make them happy.

1st lady : Are you planning of SS501 activities ? (Wow, a straight question !)

Leader : Nothing has not yet been confirmed, but I would like to do.

2nd lady: What do you think while dancing ?

Leader : People frequently raise this question. I don’t know why.
The answer is absolutely “ what am I expected to do, i.e., choreography (audience were again burst in a laught as the answer was so direct !)

3rd lady : Who is your most favorite soccer play in Japan ?

Leader : Honda ! Do you have any connection to introduce myself to him ?

3rd lady : I’m afraid not

Leader : Oh, then I will try to look for by myself.

Gift of T-shirt to 3 fans, followed by birthday cake ( release of DVD)

For six candles, Leader wanted to find out some reasons, but could not find out appropriate ones. This BD cake seemed to be too sudden for nothing.

Again making DVD in Bali

In reply to the question to pick up three if you go to the deserted island,
Leader mentioned “ a boat “ and “ fuel “ without second thought. How about the third one ? He said “nothing, because with a boatl and fuel, I can go back to the main land “ (very smart (@_@`) )

Be nice to me  Dance Performance

Last Greetings

Leader : Next time, I would like to introduce the places I frequently visit in Korea as there are many beautiful places worth for visit. Next year, I will be back to you with my album.

Asked by MC whether he was prepared for a high touch, Leader answered that he already experienced “shaking hands” session with 8000 fans in Japan when SS501 released an albumn.. which took 8 hours !

It should have been “High Touch “ session, but Leader seemed to be determined to change to “shake hands” session by himself. He did not raise his arm but extended to his hands to the first fan, and continued to do so. Nobody could not stop him as there was a big applause from the audience for his initiative. He was so polite to add his left hand to his right arm, keeping an eye contact with each fan, smiling and saying “ Thank you “ in Japanese, one by one. He spent one and a half for this session on the stage which sacrificed his break time before the evening session. In his black eyes, there seemed to be stars! His hands were very soft and warm which I cannot forget… I really hope that he could take a enough rest after the drama, sleeping for three days at the minimu… by lafone

Very nice fanaccount!
Thank you, lafone & liezle nim!!!