Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[HJ] random extracts here & there @ 10.11

from: baritonehukinonikki.blog
jp to chi: 琳琳@hyunbar

hyunbar Translator's note: Evevrything‘s gotten from twitter, so just a random collation in point-note form

1. many explosive 4D quotes as usual that had people bursting into laughter. So it seems like "he didn't change"... And many people have such thoughts. As to what was said in detail, we shall await a more thorough fanaccount laterwards

2. Heard that he ate fried beef in rice during resting time

3. Hightouch event turned into a handshaking session. Some thought leader wanted it that way, and some thought they misinterpreted it wrongly so it turned into a handshaking session. Despite so all of them are still really happy to shake hands with him

4. his hands are soft, warm and big

5. His favourite soccer player is Keisuke Honda

6. He was in a good mood

7. Many foreign fans present

8. This day's fanmeet will be aired on December 4 on DATV

9. 10 more days to end of Playful Kiss shooting!

10. Amount of sleeping hours : 2~3 hours across 3 days..................

11. Sung to songs as he first appeared to show himself on stage: black suit, black shirt, black tie

12. Some say Kyujong came to Japan........ Some said "kyujong didn't come to attend", yet some say he was present??

Despite the event already over+details wwere more or less known, in order to preserve the originality of it all

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