Monday, October 18, 2010

[HJ][article] CFs, Dramas, Movies -- Lovecalls don't stop

2010 10 18

Singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong is showered with many many CFs and work proposals throughout the body.

Kim Hyunjoong is currently in final shooting stage for his MBC mini series drama [Playful Kiss]. With its finale ahead in no time, in order to 'book in advance' Kim Hyunjoong, many showbiz personnel have already come knocking on the door of Kim Hyunjoong's agency one by one.

His agency Keyeast's related personnel has stated, "We're expected to revive his CF activities soon since it was because of his drama shooting schedules that had to delay them. There're many diversified CF suggestions received, and we're in midst of selecting the right one that fits best with Kim Hyunjoong's image", as they hint so.

Despite low ratings for [Playful Kiss], it does not seem to have much particular influence in Kim Hyunjoong's popularity. [Playful Kiss] is known to have already sold in advance to 12 overseas countries like Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Phillipines etc. Though response in Korea is just so-so, once broadcast in overseas countries begin, Kim Hyunjoong's status as a 'Hanryu star' is certainly expected to be solidified further.

Personnel of [Playful Kiss] has mentioned that "Profit received just for the pre-sold distribution rights to overseas has raked in 4 billion won by itself. It will begin to air from December onwards in Japan. If we were to assume the failure and success of this drama just by looking at the results achieved in Korea here, it is meaningless".

Lovecalls for him to appear in many works does not end as well. With SS501 members dispersed in each different agency, it looks like it will take some time for them to resume singer activities. Because of that, possibility for Kim Hyunjoong to focus on acting career for the moment looks high. Keyeast personnel says, "Not just dramas, there're also many movie proposals received. There are so many proposals received, not at all worried. But first and foremost, to take a rest first, while also to plan for his next work carefully and seriously".