Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[HJ][fanacc] 10.19 Wedding Scene

Fan Account 2010.19.10
Pluto, Jupiter Encouter ^^
Jupiter Posted on Hyuniversal0606@Pantip
English Translation: Mel@Hyuniversal0606

Repost with full credits please.

Yesterday we have decided to act like tourists once and did some sight seeing (our 1st time doing this haha)
After receiving SMS about the location, we took off at 1PM to the filming sight.
It’s a Wedding Scene.
We waited very long so we walked around taking pictures of the Wedding Reception Hall, thinking this may be the place for the shooting today.
Well, actually the shooting was on the 9th floor. (Sorry about the tweets earlier today)
About 2 PM, staffs asked Fans to leave the building and stayed outside.
Nothing we could do and we waited outside as requested.

Finally the CAR of our BIG STAR arrived haha.
He at first rolled down the window a bit but when saw some Fans, he closed the window at once. Well, haha that’s really Him.
We waited , and waited outside and then got up to the restroom.
Pluto was waiting outside the restroom. When I got out, O Ha Ni was waiting to get in !! very closed.
Wahhhhh…..She’s so cute. I said sorry since I was almost bumped her on my way out.
I told Pluto about my encounter with O Ha ni and she said So Min didn’t have the toilet paper so Pluto handed some to So Min.
We then gave our notebook to So Min’s manager asking for her autograph.
However, we haven’t got it back yet because we rushed to see Hyun Joong … hehehe… Hyun Joong’s always our 1st priority.

Hyun Joong walked out from the dressing room wearing white shirt and black pants with a Computer!
He walked back and forth, here and there searching for wireless connection perhaps.
I was wondering why he kept looking up why not looking at the computer he’s holding.
He took a peek at all the Fans too. No smiles tho ^^

Some Fans left the scene but we still kept on waiting.
The building staff saw us waiting outside then told us to come and wait inside.
Haha… Hyun Joong walked out from the dressing room, in Tux !!
Well, no words could really describe his charms and his great appeals.
He took the elevator.
His manager looked at us, 2 Thais, 2 Japanese, and 1 LAs, (Lavender ^^) and shook his head. (well, we didn’t plan to attack Hyun Joong .. don’t worry)

After a short while, 3 nations Fan club started talking, communicating and getting to know each other.
The building staff walked toward us and started talking to us.
He was surprised how far we’ve travelled to see Hyun Joong.
He then took us all to the elevator, up to the 9th floor.
He was sooooo nice taking us all to see the filming.

Finally, we saw the Groom… so handsome ever and ever…
But we couldn’t stay for too long.
When the staffs saw us, they chased us away.

After getting down, we waited for So Min.
She came out with her wedding gown .
Wowwww…she’s soooo pretty.
Her manager saw us and gave us back the notebook with So Min signature.

We left the scene after this because we didn’t want any troubles with Hyun Joong’s manager. Haha with that look, it’s best not to encounter with him again. ^^

P.S. No pictures today. Really hard to take ones.