Thursday, October 21, 2010

[HJ][article] Casts show their =( to the ending

Wed Thurs drama [Playful Kiss] will be airing its final #16 on 21st October. With that, the casts of this drama has taken time to express their sadness towards this drama coming to an end.

On the final day of this shooting (21st wee morning) at a particular restaurant in Seoul, Haehwa-dong, Jung Somin who plays Oh Hani left a sentence, "From the wedding scene onwards, my heart already began to feel more and more composed. Though successfully got married with Seung-jo eventually, the feeling of disappointment yet mixed with relief was striking itself quite starkly. Thank you to all the staff and casts who have been through so much all this while with us", as she does not forget to express her gratitude.

Lee Taesung, playing the hot-hearted Bong Jungu who hails from Kyungsan-do and loves Oh Hani one-sidedly, "It felt just like yesterday when I was rehearsing through my scripts for Episode 1 ne. So soon it's already the 16th episode. Finally Playful Kiss is now this complete in my memories.. Hope that you guys will not forget about our drama and Bong Jungu", as he asks for much unchanging love and anticipation towards this drama even if it may be coming to a close soon.

Lee Siyoung also added, "All dramas will come to a close, yes that's right, but since I joined in only from the middle half onwards, it's supposed to be just the start for me, but it's already ending now... That's why my sadness is very much larger. Gyung-su and Hae-ra will have a happy ending in the end", as she hinted a cheerful ending to it.

Kim Hyun-joong, who is receiving huge amount of love with his perfect and pretty genius role Baek Seung-jo, brings his words across, "We first started out filming in the hot summer, yet in the blink of an eye, the cold winter is already here. We had carried out really fun shooting more than any thing else, though there are also sad matters at times, I'll continue to show you my best until the final-of-the-final in the special edition", as he increases the level of anticipation for the special edition of [Playful Kiss] that will begin to show next November 2nd onwards through Youtube.

Finale of [Playful Kiss] that will depict the loveline who found her way to Bong Jungu, as well as the newly wed-life of Baek Seungjo and Oh Hani will be presenting its happy ending to all audiences on 21st October.