Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jungu's Girlfriend

His tweet:
그동안 트윗이 뜸했죠~제 여자친구를 용기내어 드디어 공개합니다...많이 놀라시겠지만....응원해주세요~^^. 봉준구의 큐피트~|~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~*기대하시라~ 미수다의 아비가일 ㅋhttp://spic.kr/2ekH

During all this while been out of this twitter world ya~ Finally I mustered courage to reveal my girlfriend... Though you'll be very surprised....Do give me your support~^^. Bong Joongu's Cupid~|~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~~* Keep anticipate~ Misuda's Abigail k

(Misuda is the Arirang programme that has all foreigners come together to share talks on Korea. she's one of the frequent hosts & guest, if I'm not mistaken)

Pretty girl you've hooked on!!! Taesung gun~~~~~~~~~~~&(n_n)&
Isn't that good~ Why keep holding on to Hani...
Live for yourself!