Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[JM][article] He's sick..........

SS501 Park Jungmin who has been digesting a very heavy schedule with his overseas schedules etc entered the hospital's emergency room eventually.

On the 12th afternoon, Park Jungmin who has accumulated all his fatigue and tension all this while finally gave in to it at one go as fatigue took a hold on him. He was admitted into the hospital's emergency room.

Park Jungmin has received permission from the hospital personnel to put down his work on hand for some time and stay at home for plenty of rest.

His agency personnel says, "As his full-time contract and overseas contract has finished itself, he's finally relieved, but due to the changing of season now, his accumulated stress has thus brought about fatigue on his body", "Even in the hospital, his condition took a change for the bad as temporary high fever came to him for a while, should he take aplenty of rest, he should be able to recover in awhile soon".

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be releasing his album on November 25 and hold his fanmeeting on November 27.