Friday, October 01, 2010

[article] Jangki #10 ratings

SBS Wed-Thurs drama My Girlfriend is Gumiho left amidst much claps.

According to AGB Nilson Research, My Girlfriend is Gumiho who has broadcasted its finale episode on 30th september recorded 19.9% of nationwide ratings as it reigned the Number 1 spot of its personal highest and beats out all other rivalry works.

'Fugitive PLAN B' telecasted through KBS2 recorded 17.9%, while MBC's 'Playful Kiss' that began 1 hour later due to Pro Baseball Match recorded 7.5% of ratings.

On the first episode of My Girlfriend is Gumiho it has recorded 10.2%. The total average ratings for its full 16 episodes is 12.6%.

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According to TNmS Research Center, 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded 21.3% of ratings on its finale.


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Though this drama has already entered its 2nd latter half part, but due to the presence of KBS 'Fugitive' and SBS 'My girlfriend is gumiho', its ratings haven't been able to exceed the 10% stage as usual. Despite so, due to the broadcast of baseball match last 30th September, it began its broadcast 1 hour later, with that it has about an hour late of resting time, which was why eventually it managed to achieve 7.5% of its personal highest ratings (accoding to AGB Nilson Media Research center). This figure is actually twice the time higher than the episode on 29th September. Even if for now as the voices of netizens ring around the ears of the production team, they ask for the much support of everyone right till the end of this drama's telecast.


-last paragraph that talks about ratings, all other paragraphs are about a storytelling-

On the other hand, this day's Playful Kiss recorded 8.2% of its personal highest ratings according to TNmS research center, whilst same timing slot's 'Fugitive Plan B' recorded 17.3%, and SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded 21.3%.