Monday, January 03, 2011

[JM] 2011 Plans *just a rough one*

This is extracted from a related article. It is *rough* Jungmin's Plans for 2011. Byasha!

January in Korea

Mid-February onwards in Japan and Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand for oversea tours

April in Taiwan for drama -- about 3 months

May - Japanese album out and also probably release in China too with promotions

Latter half year -- back in Korea for drama and another album


Nocturna said...

Oh God..what drama in taiwan?

ode said...

a specially drama tailored for him^^ news shld be out nxt month lets hope!

M'cia said...

thanks for sharing Ode!!, happy to see JMna not as thin as before while he is in Taiwan/China (forgot). Jst a bit disturb by his VERTICAL stripes on his polo shirt, looks heavy on him!.

Jungmina, success!!!!