Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[article] Jungmin :: I felt like a genius (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

SS501 Park Jungmin has attracted the attention of all where he praised to his talents of his genius ability to write the song lyrics with one heave on the day of recording.

On the 22nd at 7PM in Seoul Kwangjin-gu's Dom Art Hall, Park Jungmin held his solo album's commemoration showcase & fanmeeting where he revealed the incident of his writing of lyrics for title song 'Not Alone'.

"I was actually supposed to write the lyrics before recording but I couldn't", "It was only upon the day of recording did I write the lyrics with one heave in the recording studio; and the lyrics turned out great", as Park Jungmin praised to himself.

He added, "I wrote the lyrics with one heave though and yet it turned out so amazing, I thought I felt so genius", as he turned a nostril to that statement.

He's shown his extraordinary passion for music wherein he had written for his solo songs during SS501 days, and of course been recognized by public too.

To this incident, netizens exclaimed, "It's a song credible enough for self praise", "That wasn't a bull talk though", "You can already feel so once you hear to it once", "If so then don't listen to it yet", "Really like a genius", etc.

On the other hand, in this time's album, title dance track 'Not Alone' is produced together with star song producer Shinsadong Tiger where it shows an upgraded music style different from SS501's existent music trend. This song has the luxurious orchestration line of walk accompanied by real instrumentals as they form a perfect harmony amidst classical and modernity feel.


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