Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hyungjun & Jungmin @ JM Not Alone Fanmeet 22/JAN - 티비데일리(TVDaily)

"김형준은요, 박정민한테는 xxx이다."
"Kim Hyung Jun, is xxx in the eyes of Park Jung Min".

JM: 형준은요. 나에게.. 정말.. 음? 아, 형준이는 박정민의... 바비(밥)다.
JM: Hyungjun. to me is.. a very....... mm? *hears audiences* *giggles*
Ah, Hyungjun, is..Park Jungmin's

HyungJun: 뭐? *a lil' dissatisfied*
Hyungjun: What?

JM: 좋은뜻으로
JM: It means good

*holds Hyungjun by the waist, don't worry*


After which you see the reaction of Hyungjun, pissed and surprised.
Obviously you could see that he cares so much about what Jungmin was going to answer.
and obviously you could see that Jungmin wanted to give something more than "Barbie".
and obviously you could see that both of them cared so much about each other's existence in this world.
and obviously you could see that both of them truly minded each other's ravings about each other.
and obviously you could see that JM was trying to suppress himself for fear of being too reliable as he had mentioned.

FYI, this "barbie" is not the doll that you know of. it has a side meaning...
Barbie is an assinuation, an informal lang that you use when you joke around about it; not as a doll, but rather as 'a meal'. Because 'meal' in Korean is Bab.


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liezle said...

thanks for this! honestly no matter how many times i repeat the video i always get the same reaction... smile so big.