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Jungmin :: 14/Jan TV Interview with Sports DongAh - Eng Transl

2011 JAN 14

  • Reporter: Nice to meet you. You've now returned as a solo singer Park Jungmin apart from SS501, how have you been all these while?

JM: I've prepared alot in return of this time's solo comeback. Since I'm coming back as solo and not as a part of the group, there are many things for me to show to everybody, and so I've took up vocal lessons and also did fanmeets in Japan; I've to show a much more refined side of mine as compared to before - I've prepared alot in many different areas.

  • Reporter: There were 5 members during SS501's activity period, but now you're doing these alone, I'm sure pressure on your part will be equally huge...?

JM: When 5 of us were doing activities together, there were many insufficiency on my part that the other members could cover up for, but now no matter what, I'm standing on my own matter where I may go to, there are just many things for me to do. Not long ago when I was doing recording for a show programme, I really realized that I have got no special talents... Which is why I need to do that kind of matter by myself as well. Generally when there are 5 of us, we could just say "Ya you're better at this so you do it", but now I have to do that kind of thing by myself, so it's really surprising for me. I really do not have any special talents so if I attempt to show my special talents to everyone by standing like that with my toes here, people would start feeling, 'Ah Jungmin has gotta really work harder. There's still alot for him to prepare for', etc isn't it.

  • Reporter: If you were to introduce the solo singer Park Jungmin's album?

JM: Though you would be able to see it as a kind of SS501's continuation of music, it would become the more refined and impressive kind of music. For myself to see it, this time's "NOT ALONE" concept is something like the feeling of a General director though, it's like I'm controlling somebody and that somebody is always beside me, which is why I'm definitely not alone - yeah that kind of lyrics and concept. I personally like straight-band music too, so I had put in some band parts to boom up the choruses etc. There were many perplexes over the album production, and I feel that the album has turned out in the way it should.

  • Reporter: Please let us know in abit on how the other members are faring.

JM: I heard that Kyujong will be doing acting in either a drama or a movie, while for Youngsaeng, he's preparing for an album to be released in the beginning of this year. Hope that everybody will continue to give your attention to each of our member.

  • Reporter: Fans are all eagerly awaiting, is it possible for SS501 to re-unite again?

JM: There is ample of possibility for that, but as for when it will be, we're still in the stage of arranging, so I can't tell you when exactly it will be during. But if it were to be my personal hopes, I hope that it would be anytime at all, like for instance to "set time for these days to these days for a few months", and probably to be about 2 months or so. It'll be lovely if we can just do activities together for let's say 2 months.

  • Reporter: Speak a little about your new year wish?

JM: My schedules until the end of year have already been fully filled. My wish is for these schedules to be successfully completed. It'll be good to be healtheir and with better matters to come. The tiger-fate told me that my ability and capacity for this year will be 120%. I broke into laughter learning that, but it seems like I've gotta wait in anticipation of what this tiger-fate that will have me breaking out hugely in this year tells.

  • Reporter: Thank you for your interview today.

JM: Beginning with my solo album for 2011, I'll move on to dramas and overseas activities. I wish to complete those schedules as per scheduled. Hopefully all of you will watch your health ya. Do fulfil all your wishes you have for the year. It's been Park Jungmin here speaking. Thank you......Be blessed.

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