Saturday, January 01, 2011

~REVIEW Twenty-O-Ten~

It's a brand new year. 2010 was a really truly, deeply, madly significant year for all of us TripleS. Time may blink past in the huff of an air faster than water, but you may never stop it going. It's now 2011. With all these significant events that happened in this one year, here's hoping 2011 will definitely truly, deeply, madly be a much more fruitful year with every thing possible. Not for one gold, but for five golds. Love has never been this blissful. (^-^)v

❀ ✿❀ ✿새해복많이많이많이~~~~~받으세용❀ ✿❀ ✿


JANUARY 18 (Monday) :
Political ‘birthday bash involvement’

[TV] mbc every1# Life Theater 2010

JANUARY 27 (Wednesday) ~ MARCH 31:
[TV] mbc# Hyungjun Becomes a Progamer


FEB 2 (Tuesday) :
[EVENT] Pretty Bride Contest 2010 in Japan

FEB 13 (Saturday) :
[CONCERT] Persona Asia Tour 2010 @ BangKok, Thailand

FEB 24 (Wednesday) :
24th Birthday!!!~~~!!!~~~

FEB 27,28 (Saturday, Sunday) :
[SS501][CONCERT] Persona Asia Tour 2010 @ 2 Encore Stands in Seoul

MAR 21 (Sunday) :
MBC gaming @PLAY – Live Competition

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] SONGZIO HOMME Fashion Show Model on the Runway

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Mvio F/W Fashion Week Guest

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][EVENT] G.I. Fashion Show Guest

MAR 27 (Saturday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Dominics Wap Fashion Show – Model on the Runway

MAR 28 (Sunday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Kwak Hyun-joo Fashion Show – Guest
[Youngsaeng][EVENT] Kwak Hyun-joo Fashion Show – Guest

APRIL 2 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Project Runway Fashion Parade

APRIL 3 (Saturday) :

24th Birthday!!!!!!

APRIL 7 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong] Goes to Spain for Pictorial Book “Ready, Action!”

APRIL 12 (Monday) :
Releases digital single “Awkward Confession” for mini serial special drama “SuperStar” where he stars in it.
Also stars Hyungjun and Jungmin in this drama.

APRIL 25 (Sunday) :
[CONCERT] Saitama Arena Hallyu Fancard Concert in Japan

APRIL 29 (Thursday) :
[EVENT] kntv# Will it Snow on Christmas Party @ Shinjuku, Japan

MAY 1 (Saturday) :
*originally scheduled to release mini-album ‘Destination’ today*

MAY 22 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] Dream Concert 2010

MAY 27 (Thursday) :
Mini-album ‘Destination’ Released.

MAY 28 (Friday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Shindorim Technomart, Seoul

MAY 29 (Saturday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Busan, Korea

MAY 29 (Saturday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Daegu, Korea

MAY 30 (Sunday) :
[SS501] Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ KBS Gymnasium Hall, Seoul

JUNE 4 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] First ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank

JUNE 5 (Saturday) :
[COMEBACK] Second ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ MBC Music Core

JUNE 6 (Sunday) :
25th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

JUNE 7 (Monday) :
Records for TV program TVN’s Newton

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
5th Anniversary since 2005!!!

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
[RADIO] Hong Jinkyung’s Cool FM + Shimshimtapa

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
[SS501] End of contract with DSP Media Korea

JUNE 11 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] Third ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank
– First K.Chart No.1

JUNE 11 (Friday) :
[RADIO] Kim Heechul’s ‘Young Street’

JUNE 12 (Saturday) :
[COMEBACK] Fourth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ MBC Music Core
– HyunJoong is the special MC here along with KARA's Seungyeon & Hara

JUNE 13 (Sunday) :
[COMEBACK] Fifth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ SBS Inkigayo
– Last appearance stage

JUNE 13 (Sunday) :
[EVENT] 5th Anniversary Fan-event @ CGV Hall

JUNE 18 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] Sixth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank
– Second K.Chart No.1, without appearance

JUNE 18 (Friday) :
[FANMEET] Fanmeet @ Philippines

JUNE 19 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] Manila Charity Concert for the Young Mothers

JUNE 26 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] 21st Taiwan Golden Melody Awards
– Award Presenter

JUNE 29 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong] Signs on with KEYEAST

JULY 24 (Saturday) :
[DRAMA] First shoot of Playful Kiss

AUGUST 1 (Sunday) :
3rd Anniversary since debut in Japan

AUGUST 1 (Sunday) :
[BIRTHDAY] B’day Party with fans @ Melon X Hall.
Jungmin, Kyujong, Youngsaeng were the special guests.
Hyunjoong was busy for drama shooting.

AUGUST 3 (Tuesday) :
24th Birthday!!!

AUGUST 18 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Boys over Flowers’ Alumni Event @ Osaka, Japan
Attended participants included Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun

AUGUST 19 (Thursday) ~ AUGUST 20 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong] First Love Story Entourage Event, 2D1N @ Shizuoka

AUGUST 21 (Saturday) :
Boys over Flowers’ Alumni Event @ Tokyo, Japan.
Attended participants included Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun

AUGUST 26 (Thursday) :
[DRAMA] Playful Kiss Official Press Conference

AUGUST 26 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MNet 20s Choice 2010
Most Influential Star

AUGUST 27 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][AGENCY] Signs on with S-Plus Entertainment

AUGUST 29 (Sunday) :
[Hyungjun][FANMEET] Fanmeet in Singapore

AUGUST 30 (Monday) :
[AGENCY] Signs on with CNR MEDIA
– the overall undertaking agency

SEP 1 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Playful Kiss Premieres!

SEP 17 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][AGENCY] Press Conference held for signing on with Japan’s Yamaha Music

SEP 20 (Monday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] Song Seung-hun nim’s Fanmeet in Japan – Special Guest Appearance

SEP 30 (Thursday) :
[Hyungjun][TV] Variety Program ‘Kids in the middle of the night’ Premieres – Special MC

SEP 30 (Thursday) :
[Jungmin][AGENCY] Press Conference held for signing on with Taiwan’s Sony Music

OCT 11 (Monday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANMEET] First Love Story Fanmeet @ Tokyo

OCT 21 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Final day of Shooting for Playful Kiss

OCT 21 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANMEET] Finale Event for Playful Kiss

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MVIO S/S 2011 Fashion Week – Guest

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] Song Ji-oh Fashion Show – Model on the Runway

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] BON Fashion Show Guest

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Wrap-up Celebration Party for Playful Kiss with other casts present as well

OCT 24 (Sunday) :
[Hyungjun][FANMEET] 1st Taiwan Fanmeet

OCT 25 (Monday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][AGENCY] Signs on with B2M Entertainment

OCT 28 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANSIGN] The Face Shop Fansign @ Myung-dong

OCT 30 (Saturday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Mountain Climbing with him

NOV 1 (Monday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Press Conference for Playful Kiss Youtube Edition

NOV 2 (Tuesday) ~ NOV 16 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Premieres on Youtube

NOV 3 (Wednesday) :
[Youngsaeng] 25th Birthday~!!!

NOV 3 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] 20th Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival
– MC along with KARA’s Park Gyuri, Big Bang’s Daesung

NOV 10 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Sky Perfect Award 2010 @ Tokyo

NOV 12 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Asian Games Opening Ceremony Theme Song singer
– along with David Tao from Taiwan, Joey Yung from Hongkong, WeiWei and Tanjing from China Mainland.

NOV 17 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Style Icon Awards 2010
– Most Popular Award

NOV 18 (Thursday) ~ NOV 24 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][MUSICAL] Kizuna begins @ Shinjuku

NOV 23 (Tuesday) :
[Jungmin][TV] Japan’s biggest talk show – Dancing Mackerel Mansion
– as special invited guest

NOV 24 (Wednesday) ~ JAN 28 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][MUSICAL] ‘Cafein’ starts

DEC 1 (Wednesday) ~ DEC 3 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] The Face Shop in Singapore Promotion

DEC 4 (Saturday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in SEOUL + Press Conference

DEC 4 (Saturday) ~ DEC 5 (Sunday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] The Face Shop in Malaysia Promotion

DEC 9 (Thursday) :
[Hyungjun] Twitter Interview with Fans

DEC 10 (Friday) :
[Jungmin] Twitter Interview with Fans

DEC 10 (Friday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in THAILAND Press Conference

DEC 11 (Saturday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in THAILAND

DEC 14 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Smile Project @ Tokyo Dome

DEC 15 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] 2010 Melon Music Awards
– duet with singer IU

DEC 17 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] 2010 Yahoo! Buzz Awards
-Asia's Most Searched Artist, Taiwan's Buzz Artist, Hongkong's Buzz Artist

DEC 21 (Tuesday) :
[Jungmin][FANSIGN] For Pictorial Book ‘Present’ @ Shinjuku, Japan

DEC 22 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][FANMEET] X’mas 2010 @ Osaka, Japan

DEC 23 (Thursday) :
[Jungmin][FANMEET] X’mas 2010 @ Tokyo, Japan

DEC 23 (Thursday) :
[Kyujong][EVENT] Mnet M.Super Concert – Special MC

DEC 29 (Wednesday) :
[Hyungjun][BUSINESS] HnB's Product PiroPiro officially launches!
-mark of the start of his HnB Business

DEC 30 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MBC Drama Awards 2010 – Most Popular Award

23 Entries
[Hyunjoong] 29 Entries
[Youngsaeng] 7 Entries (Individual+Combined)
[Kyujong] 7 Entries (Individual+Combined)
[Jungmin] 19 Entries
[Hyungjun] 13 Entries


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ode!! Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this blog. Without your translations, international SS501 fans would struggle to follow the daily lives of these five beautiful members.

Hope 2011 brings you and SS501 health and happiness!!

Ode said...

@Anonymous 2.31pm
Thanks alot anon! You too, have the best of every fruit!!!

Also, in future leave a name la ^_* so that I could better forge a bond, hehe. If Im not mistaken, youre a frequent 'anonymous' here (^ー^)ノ

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode ^^
HAPPY NEW YEAR.. thank u vey much, i really like your blog, you are a big help for us .. hope this year to be a great year and full of happiness to all of us & OUR lovely boys ^^

THANK U ×100000000000 ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging. I do not how I can spend my day w/o checking your blog for updates. Thank you so much. Hope you will have a great 2011. Please keep up your great works. BTW, you missed Leader's Yahoo awards.

Mcia said...

What a nice kaleidoscope moment, Ode!! Great notes, great memory, great job! Happy New Year and thanks for sharing along the year!

2011 my most anticipated moment is the boys come back in one stage singing and dancing!!!

M'cia said...

sorry, one forgot,
didn't you posting about Baby launching product with his bro?? Its not in list yet.

ode said...

@M'cia & Anon 1.16am
Thanks Mcia nim & Anon nim! Have added in already
Too many events, 97 entries altogether!!! ^__^
Wow love you guys hehe, and thanks for the indirect support!

Treasure 2011 for it's only once in a life time...


ode said...

@sam501 nim

Thanks alot!!!

you too, please bear many many new fruits in the brand new year. ^_^


kokoro said...

Hi Ode!!!
Thank you so much for all your hard works..Hope to see more update abt ours boy in 2011...^-^
(and as i remember, Hyun Joong also won M!net choice 20s award in Sep...but i can't remember the name of the ward T_T...)

ode said...

@kokoro nim
Thanks alot! It was the Most influential star award...Have added! Thanks alot ne!!!..!!!

You too, please bear many many good peaches...I mean, fruits. ^^

Your name I like, btw. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

thanks ode for all the update. Your blog is part of my daily ritual. A blessed New year to you and your family.