Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jungmin :: [NOT ALONE] Come-back War!

Here comes D-Day...!!! It's time for another round of FIGHT!!!

As you should know, Soribada matters a~lot~ to contribution on music charts. International fans can do alot as well, so pls don't think that only domestic fans will help. With the massive support of all international fans, I'm sure results will surpass what is called 'outstanding'.


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Should you have any enquiries to make, please don't fret to enquiry as well.
For any 'updates', I will notify via the 'update' tagbox in the bottom pane - I'll try best!!!
Ganbatte for 1st SOLO RETURN - a sooo significant return!!!!!!

Because..? He's Park Jungmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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