Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jungmin (정민) :: Not Alone (낫 어론) M/V (HD 고화질)

Full HD...noooahr!

1080P - Youtube Version

GOM Version
*MVs in GOM matters alot as well! Please PLAY it by installing the GOM PLAYER
+DOWNlOAD (as a foreigner member)!*


Liny said...

Hello Ode ^^!!
I installed GomTV and was able to stream "Not Alone" MV.
However I have no clue how to download the video "as a foreigner"! Can you please give me a brief instruction! That'll be so so nice of you! Thank you so much!
I'm trying to help out JM as much as I could!! He must be really worried about this a lot since he's the 1st one releasing a solo single!

BTW for the payment on Mnet website, I think overseas credit card is not allowed anymore >__<!
Can you please double check Mnet website once again??
Thank you so so much!!!!

All the best for Jung Min and other boys,


ode said...


Hi liny! Yeah definitely ne. I'll go n check it out.
But for ur qn on int'l credit card, I rly think it's still in place.
I'm not so sure about that point but I can go check it out.
Thanks liny for noting this, which cld be a possible problem!

As for gom's downloading of the MV, hmm okay can, I'll go n see n then let you know^^
In short, u need to log in b4 u could download, meaning!
So if u are already a member of GOM, then it shld not be a problem!

If u hv more enquiries, u could email me ya
and then I'll let you know.

ode said...


Hi liny. Do u still hv queries about this gom tv?

Dont know if u'll see this here, but just to try ^^