Sunday, January 23, 2011

[article] Hyungjun feels that JM will feel uncomfortable without him

At yesterday's Not Alone fanmeet.

-2nd paragraph onwards-

Kim Hyung Jun appeared on stage surprisingly when the song 'Rainbow' that Park Jungmin whom wrote full lyrics for was singing to it as he aroused much excitement from fans.

After the song ended, Kim Hyung Jun joked around as he made this one sentence, "Jungmin will feel uncomfortable if I'm not by his side and so I found my way here", laughing to it.

However jokes aside, he added, "This is Jungmin's first solo debut and I wanted to be with him together. I render him my support for his successful solo album".

-all other paragraphs ommitted, repetitive of Jungmin's album style & comeback on music programs-


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liezle said...

thanks for the translation of this. i have been waiting for some kind soul to let us know what's been said in the fan meet. this two lines are good enough. thanks again.