Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jungmin ≪Not Alone Fanmeeting≫ - 미디어 사진첩 Media Captures

At the Not Alone fanmeet today, JM performed to all 3 songs - 【Not Alone】, 【Do you know】 & 【Every day is Christmas】 from his album.

Look at these!

Every day is Christmas

I wanna hold your hand...lemme' move towards that~

Ahh, I'm a happy lad! My precious has such tender hands!!!
I wanna kiss it soooo much,
but alas, I HAVE to keep in control!!!

Ouch, 240Hz ~~~x100 = 24000 Hz

Ouch my gooooodness. That was so hard to bear!!!

So shy so shy so shy.
"손 꼭 잡고 다정하게~~" -- "Hands tightly held so affectionately~~"

My dear, your face is my vitamin,
My darling, your face is my sunshine.
I watch you sing to the beat as I control my desire to plant a kiss on your face.

I'm a beast as well~~~~

Talk time with MC gagwoman Jung Juri

Hyungjun says that he is very proud of Jungmin.

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