Saturday, January 22, 2011

[article] Jungmin flaunts his friendship with Hyungjun as they share a bobo

Starting the opening with his title track 'Not Alone', Park Jungmin pulled his vibrant stage with a chic atmosphere accompanied by his more refined outlook where he lost about 10kg and above for this time's comeback. After which, he lifted the atmosphere of the venue where he answered to 'fans drilling' corner with his witty and humorous replies.

In the middle of the fanmeeting, SS501's Kim Hyung Jun appeared on the stage all of a sudden as this stimulated all passionate reactions from the fans. Park Jungmin held hands tightly with Kim Hyung Jun as they exchange affectionate and amorous stares at each other, singing to a duet together warmly.

On this day, Kim Hyung Jun answered to the question of 'The Park Jungmin in your eyes?' as follow "Multi-vitamins, Knowledge-IN, humidifier" etc, which drew much laughters from fans.

'Multi-vitamins' refers to Park Jungmin's constant reminding to others about taking vitamins, it means his existence just like vitamin as he gives a form of power to others. 'Knowledge-IN' refers to Park Jungmin's undeniable amount of knowledge in this field, but in reality, if one were to search for the meaning on the internet, it always comes out as the opposite, hence hinting such a meaning, which drew much laughters again. As for 'humidifier', it refers to the cute mini humidifier gift that Park Jungmin gave to him when the latter went to support Hyungjun at his musical 'Cafein' not too long ago, showing his gratitude towards him.

On this day also, with regards to the hot response from fans, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun both shared a massive fan service with a bobo (tiny peck). Amidst all the feverish atmosphere at the venue, fans cheered on for a 'bobo!', as soon as Kim Hyung Jun heard that, Kim Hyung Jun made an immediate dash bobo towards Park Jungmin. After the fanmeeting, Park Jungmin revealed in an interview, "It's been a while with Hyungjun, and it seems like all of us enjoyed it alot. Next time I must go to support Hyung Jun too and render him my huge support", as he delivered his gratitude.

On this day, Park Jungmin performed to his album's title track 'Not Alone', 'Do you know', and 'Everyday is Christmas' and also not forgetting to songs from SS501 as he spun sweet, moist memories for fans.

When requested to say something to the rest of the SS501 members, "No matter where you may be alone, please do put in much effort as you work to your career", sharing his support message.


liezle said...

thanks so much for the translation. there are so many articles tonight about the fan meeting and you choose to translate one of the best. thanks again.

ahh, these two are so genuine... i like!


ode said...

@liezle nim
most articles are about the same which is just rough highlights of the fanmeeting, that's why I just select one that has 'essence', hehehe.

don't mention it! they are genuine because we are genuine. birds of the same feather flock together! ^.^

Lestari2412 said...

Its been long time i didn't visit your blog Mianhae ....
waooo I am personaly really SURPRISE read this article ...and saw the 1st pic of Tom & Jerry holding the hands....
ememmemme they really SSweet Couple I LOVE IT SO MUCH ....
They keeping on supporting to each other whatever they are now in different Management....
And when watch the video by Prettyboy woooaaahhhhh I am gone cry they duet in singing and stared eyes to each other....and Hyung Jun being cute like BABY to Jung Min i am happy going to laugh so loud....
By the way THANKYU SAENGKYU JUNKYU HYUNKYU MALKYU QIUKYU for the translated i love it so much love yaaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

hello ode, thanks for translating this article. all your efforts are much appreciated^^

i love these 2 for showing off their closeness and affection^^