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Kyujong & Youngsaeng (규종&영생) :: Story in Manila @ 5/FEB - Fanaccount

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First of all, Taking pictures nor recording performances was stircly prohibited. The staffs were too strict, maybe they’re trying to make the fan meet very private.

the staffs allowed us to enter the venue around 6pm. and before the show started, the staffs were informing those 100 lucky fans who can attend the handshake session right after the event. Luckily, I was included. yay! okay, so.. they started the fan meet singing Because I’m stupid, wearing designed shirt with light brown coat. Both of them look so good, especially Kyu. He looks so handsome in personal than in pictures. Young Saeng was thin and tall, so as Kyu Jong.

The next one was the Q & A portion, where there are letters in the screen (the letters were “IN MANILA”) one letter, one question. The first one was Kyu Jong. He picked the second A. I think the question was if SS501 will come back this year, and if yes, would they go back here in Manila to perform. Kyu assured that they will come back as a five, and they would love to visit Manila again for another event. another one was if they would exchange bodies for a day, what would they do… Kyu said he would like to go to a noraebang with his friends since YS’ is good in singing, while YS wants to go to a public bath since It’s kyu jong’s body that’s gonna be exposed. LOL
next one, Kyu performed Nameless Memory. I was so shocked with this one. Kyu singing YS’ song was so awesome.. on the latter part, YS came in to sing the second half and did a duet on the chorus.

now, cooking contest. they made one of the famous desserts here in the Philippines, Halo-halo. when they started cooking, Kyu put the ice first and the fans keep on screaming no, since it’s not the practical way in doing a halo-halo~ while YS keeps on looking on the fans below on what to put first. He was like… *Scoops* is this? *Scoops again* is this? he was doing that until the fans gave a thump up sign~ Kyu finished first, the last was YS. Kyu got 39.5, while Young Saeng got.. 38. I think~ since YS was the loser, he needs to drink “ampalaya juice” (it’s a vegetable, and it’s bitter) the fans were chanting “one shot! one shot!” YS drank everything, and Kyu said.. “they just said to drink it in one shot, they didn’t told you to drink it all.”

YS performing LLT English version, KJ performing Never Let You Go in a different version. then 2 videos were played, one when they were in LA and the second one was YS playing baseball and KJ in Lotte World. I still remember what YS said on the second video.. “how do you love your fans (triple s)? YS: as high as the sky, as vast as the earth. ?

Next one was YS performing Wuss up. He’s wearing all black~ on the latter part, KJ entered the stage wearing all white.

KJ came out first after his performance. fans were singing happy birthday in Korean, then YS came out of the stage rolling a table w/ personalized cake for Kyu’s birthday on the 24th. He was crying a bit, or may I say teared-eye because of our surprise. he even said that he was wondering why YS isn’t coming out~

another Video was played, this time made by TS too. they were so happy about it. They called the fan who made the video, and gave an autographed photo book as a token of appreciation.
next one was applying the hand cream to two lucky fans. The first fan called was there, while the second wasn’t present so they need to draw another one. it was 137. MY SEAT NUMBER. OMONA. I went up the stage so very nervous.. the host asked me what was my age, when I said I’m just 14, two of them were like.. “woah.” when they were asked to apply the hand cream, fans were shouting really loud. when Young Saeng said that he treats me as a younger sister, fans were like… “aaaaahh.” XD his hands were so soft~ he applied it to my hands very carefully, even hold both of my hands and made me clap. LOL. XD after that, the MC said that I was nervous because I was shaking.. then Young Saeng suddenly put his arm around my shoulder. :”> really want to jump out of joy that time. it was like a dream~

the last part is singing wings of the world together. there were confetti and fans were laughing because their hair was full of it~ on the end, party poppers were popped to the fans, Young Saeng was shocked! LOL. XD I saw how he reacted when he was shocked.

they left the stage already, then the boys’ message were being shown on the screen~ was a bit teared-eye because of it~ it was a very meaningful message.

they told the fans to leave already, then queue again for the handshake event. cameras are still not allowed, they collected our bags and we need to leave the gifts on a box before going up the stage. Kyu’s hand was soft too~ was really too fast, can’t even say a word to them.
all throughout the event, it was awesome. both of them didn’t show tiredness, so as the fans. they were so enthusiastic.

Nice fanaccount. Thanks sssdenise for sharing.
This was such a fun fanmeeting and there was so much fun and love all throughout and all of them had so much joy and blessings. It was a great time all in all and really fulfiling. Mentally, and physically.

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