Monday, February 07, 2011

【규종】:: "KARA cannot be apart at this time!" @ 7/FEB

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong gave wise advices towards his juniors KARA "you all must unite together tightly and never be apart".

In a recent interview with IS PLUS, Kim Kyu Jong talked about his juniors KARA who was still his junior up until last year when they were still under one agency - DSP Media, "If I meet KARA, I really need to knock them lightly on the head. It has been so smooth-sailing all these while, but why did it turn out into such a situation's really displeasing", "No matter which agency you may go to, you have to come together as one. You can never forget that fact", as he delivered his affectionate and wise piece of advice.

"I've been seeing KARA since their trainee days. I felt proud for them whenever I see them going to Japan, I felt that they were indeed growing up bit by bit. But now, they're going through these hardships already, it's really saddening", "It is the very pivotal moment right now, and in order for the matter to not blow up larger, you all have to be truly unified. Don't get easily influenced by what you hear from people around you, the five of you must gather as one. Especially now", as Kim Kyu Jong added.

Kim Kyu Jong has since moved into B2M Entertainment agency along with fellow SS501's Heo Young Saeng wherein Lee Hyori is also a part of. B2M Entertainment is an agency formed by former-DSP managers. Following Kim Hyun Joong's footsteps, Kim Kyu Jong is also in preparations right now as he attempts to strive as an actor.

Indeed. Wise words.

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