Thursday, February 03, 2011

Youngsaeng & Kyujong :: Summer & Love FM 22/JAN fan-account by K-plaza

detailed fanmeet account from
in japanese. if you can, translate it into korean if you read. it's rather accurate, just still w grammar errors

Just some extracted 'essence' from the fanaccount.

The volleyball scene as you saw in VODs was real...the one where both of them played volleyball with the girl they fancy.
YS was hit by the volleyball REALLY hard because KJ was really ab~sorbed into the filming etc...real game...!

also said he will challenge acting if there is a chance for him this year (which I'm rather sure there will be).

KJ, remember there was this match-making session by one mother fan.
He told this to the mother and daughter when mother wanted to bring him and her middle-school daughter:

In love, age doesn't matter... but if it's about marriage, because it's about two individual souls coming together to stay as one in life, it's a very important decision. And if I make the decision on myself only and doesn't meet with both parties' parents, it won't do, so how about going with me to Korea to meet together? *face turns red* But first of all, Miss should study hard and then when you become an adult in future, we'll meet again.

says he likes older people than him. He doesn't mind older fans.

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